Muster for Ma.Tra. 300

Available with a 140 cm cutting width, this is the ideal equipment both for clearing areas overrun with overgrown brambles, cane thickets or generally tiresome undergrowth, as well as for mowing lawns in public parks, gardens, flower-beds and roadsides.

All this in a single piece of equipment and thanks to the special layout of two horizontal rotors with differentiated blades: the first rotor with grass-cutting blades cuts off the stems, while the second V-blade trimmer re-cuts the clippings into tiny even pieces and blows them back on to the lawn.

- Fine grass: more efficient and practical than the best mulching system
- High grass: more practical and faster than the best professional mower
- Brambles: better and more unrelenting that the best heavy-duty mower

The cutting height can be adjusted hydraulically directly from the driver’s seat.